With our highly experienced staff and attention to detail we are able to offer the following pump and water bore services.

Domestic and Farm Water Pump and Bore Designs

Our thorough local knowledge of the Burdekin and surrounding region enables us to provide you with the most appropriate and cost effective design for your water bore requirements.

Water Divining

It is always good to know the best place to drill.

Water Boring‎

We select the best drilling equipment for the location.

Well Monitoring

When you need to know about your bore we can monitor it and provide a comprehensive report.


When you need samples, we can get them for you.

Spear Pump Installation

Sometimes a spear pump is the best solution, and we are equipped to efficiently install them.

Bore Camera Inspections

When you really need to see what is going on in the bore, our camera inspections with recorded footage will reveal all.

Bore Cleaning and Disinfection

Occasionally a bore can become contaminated or just need cleaning out. We have the expertise, equipment and chemicals needed to quickly have the bore operational again.

Bore and Screen Descaling

We have the chemicals necessary to descale the screens and bores.

Bore Flow Tests

We can conduct flow tests on your bore with variable flow rates to give you an accurate measure of your bore’s performance.

To discuss your requirements be sure to call Brian Connolly on 0418 197 578.